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This isn’t my first time writing a photography blog. I started one, almost 3 years ago and wrote a few posts regarding technique and gear. It was probably too early to start writing, though, and the blog fell off the edge when my hosting plan expired and I didn’t renew it. This time, it will hopefully stay.

Photography is, for me, a new way to experience things. It’s about delving deep into the visual characteristics of the environment around me — shapes, contours, colours, location, the light that I’m seeing by. This ability to observe also allows me to interact with inanimate objects in a new way. I can play with things by giving them different looks through the medium of photography. It may seem trivial at first, but for those who have to live by themselves for some length of time, it’s a relaxing and challenging pursuit that keeps the mind occupied from devilish or plain depressive thoughts.

Photography is also quite rewarding. After spending huge amounts of money on acquiring the right gear, learning the right skills, taking time out to visit the right places and finally making the right image, when you hold a 12″x18″ print in your hands, the sense of satisfaction is as good as from any other accomplishment. Those photographs are not mere memories, they are testimony to the fact that you had a uniquely personal interaction with an environment or an object.

Through this blog, I hope to share my observations and notes with anyone who might be interested as I work on developing myself as a better photographer, and share the small joys I may get out of the photographs that I make along the way.

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