20+ years of experience in software development, leadership and innovation at 100M+ user companies valued over $10B. Domain experience in e-commerce, cloud services, gaming and social media.


Growth engineering, organisation management, agile teams & processes, user experience, technology budget, negotiation and partnerships. Platforms, SaaS, cloud security, multi-cloud, micro-services, distributed databases, performance and scalability.


SVP of Engineering, Tokopedia

(e-Commerce – Jakarta)2017-Present

I joined Tokopedia as VP of Engineering, where I started with setting company-wide standards for talent evaluation, engineering competency levels, and SDLC. I led purchase-funnel tribes, including cart, checkout, logistics and promotional discounts, and core technology teams including User Accounts, Communications, Media and Performance Engineering.

I also established the Platform Engineering tribe for greater focus on scalability, reliability and efficiency of our technology. This tribe comprises modernized, cloud-native versions of erstwhile SRE, Sysadmin, DBA, etc. teams. I laid down the foundational principles that led to the improvement of Tokopedia’s reliability and performance improvements in high traffic sale events. This led to me receiving the title of Technical Fellow in 2019.

As Technical Fellow I continued to be responsible for Tokopedia’s technology development strategy. I also acted as the Head of Architects’ Office, comprising 350+ ICs at leadership levels. I was also the executive sponsor for Tokopedia’s cloud projects and made build-vs-buy decisions with a x100M USD budget.

As Senior VP, I currently lead two infrastructure platform teams (Cloud Platform, Devops), two business platform teams (Purchase and Promotions) and one business unit (Digital Goods). Apart from this, I also led some of the technology integration projects with Gojek (formerly Tokopedia’s peer co. in Goto Group) and now with ByteDance, which is now Tokopedia’s parent company.

I’m also a regular speaker at industry events such as those by Forrester, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Tokopedia, etc.

Chief Technology Officer & Head of Cloud Solutions, Dekara

(Cloud Solutions & Services)2022-2023

Dekara ( was a Cloud Solutions & Services startup with a mission to enable reliable, scalable and secure technology products and services that empower business in a sustainable way. Dekara was an initiative by key technology leaders at Tokopedia.

As CTO and Head of Cloud Solutions, I provided product development and technology oversight for our market offerings. I also engaged with potential customers to help them realise the benefits of our products and services.

Architect, Flipkart India - a Walmart co.

(e-Commerce – Bangalore)2015-2017

I joined Flipkart as Technical Architect in FSE (Fulfilment Services Ecosystem) group. I was tasked with the ownership of architecture and SRE of the LPE (Logistics Promise Engine) and related services. I helped scale LPE by 10x to handle up to 150,000 QPS with sub-50ms p95 latency. I also developed a customised database engine for tracking logistics capacity. The engine was capable of delivering 20,000 QPS per CPU cure.

I joined Flipkart Cloud team as architect on the PaaS group, to help improve the application development experience for Flipkart services. I designed Flipkart’s standardised application development model over Flipkart Cloud, including a secure build environment, a rolling immutable deployment system, a managed application execution environment and self-healing elastic application cluster logic.

I spoke at Flipkart \N Technology Conference in 2016 and also mentored Flipkart \N speakers.

Architect, Zynga Inc.

(Social Gaming – Bangalore, San Francisco)2010-2015

I started as a Principal Engineer on Vampire Wars game and later became Architect and CTO of “Mafia Wars” — a $40M+ GAR social game.

Developed an award winning multi-player game engine for Zynga’s first MOBA, “Mafia Wars: The Arena” yielding $1M+ incremental GAR. For this, I won the “CTO Award” for making business impact through technology.

I led initiatives like Technology cost reduction, Anti-abuse system development, Core game system optimisation and rewrites.

I chose to write “Mafia Wars: The Arena” in Go, and eventually became a Go evangelist and still prefer to write in Go.

Tech Lead, Lulu Inc.

(Self Publishing & Book Reviews – Bangalore, Raleigh)2009-2010
  • Developed wsloader, an open source high performance Python adapter for exposing Python modules as JSON-HTTP APIs.
  • Developed thriftbench, an open source load-testing tool for Thrift RPCs
  • Rebuilt and scaled weRead’s “Ratings, Reviews and Tags” (RRT) web services.
  • Mentored on MySQL performance optimisation, scalability and development processes.

Senior Tech Lead, WisdomTap Ltd.

(5-person startup – Bangalore)2008
  • Invented and implemented WisdomRank™ product ranking algorithm.
  • Built Web-service APIs for B2B, and widgets for B2C integration.
  • In-charge of website development and operations.

Tech Lead, Yahoo Inc., Bangalore

(Internet Portal – Bangalore, Sunnyvale)2004-2008

I joined Yahoo in 2004, back when it was actually bigger than Google. My first project was to rebuild a Reviews and Ratings (RnR) platform to replace a legacy backend. I led the design and development for the RnR platform along with a few other developers.

I used XP and TDD principles for improving development velocity and reliability on my project. I designed the API following intent based principles, resulting in a platform that was flexible enough to fit multiple verticals’ requirements.

Seeing the rapid uptake of the platform, I chose to provide it as SaaS (in 2005, when the term was not even coined). This allowed the platform to be deployed everywhere in Yahoo — from USA to Europe, all the way to Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Yahoo Japan.

Most memorably, the Ratings & Reviews Platform powered the audience votes for “The Apprentice” TV Show in 2005.

I also contributed to Hadoop’s MapReduce engine and Yahoo Video Search.

Software Engineer, C-DAC (née NCST)

(Ministry of IT R&D Centre – Mumbai)2001-2004
  • Application development in ASP, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
  • Lecturer for “OOP in C++”, “Web Programming”, “Data Structures & Algorithms” and “Advanced Application Development” courses.
  • Developed Xqueeze, an open source, compact XML encoding with SAX API support.


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